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My name is Joseph C. Randall, I am a self-taught artist.  I work in mixed media of pastel chalk, colored pencils and acrylics. 


During my years of working in advertising agencies, I became an award-winning creative, creating memorable concept print and TV messages for clients that include Norelco, Coca-Cola, Merrill-Lynch, and Jenn-Air.

In 2008, I decided to hone my skills as an artist to incorporate my conceptual thinking from advertising, and apply it to my artwork. I call it visual raconteur . It's the essence of storytelling, which is essentially what I did each and every time I plotted out concept drawings in storyboard formats to create :30 and :60 second TV commercials.

Like advertising, my art has to say something. It's to provoke and visually grab someone's attention and tell them a compelling story. I paint with the intent that when one comes face-to-face with my art. they become emotionally connected to it.

One's connection could come from within the eyes of the subject, the clothes they wear, the environment that surrounds them, or the seemingly, insignificant things- like leaves, butterflies, lizards, frogs, dogs, birds, cars, etc. that are part of the visual story. Without them the story is simply half told. It is important to me that the least prominent elements of my work be as memorable-as the entire art. After all, colorful tones and arresting imagery just might cause a calming affect on a viewer who walks away with a lasting impression.

I mostly create and paint the African, Caribbean and Americas diaspora...Black and Brown cultures, especially through the eyes of women. I believe women relate to color, form, sound and design differently than men. How women see and interpret things, in my opinion, is instinctive. They have the ability to read and define personae in both the faces and body postures of the subjects I paint, that tell a story, much in the same way Nina Simone interprets lyrics to a song coloring each word with tones...that brilliantly highlight each brush strokes flow expressively telling the story melodically.

Women understand the subtleties of my art and how my visual stories speak to them.

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