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A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

The notes that ‘Trane was playing in the solo became more than just one note following another, The notes came fast, and with so many overtones and undertones, that they had the effect of a piano player striking chords rapidly but somehow articulating separately each note in the chord, and it’s vibrating subtones.” -Amari Baraka

Nearly all of the many albums Coltrane recorded during the early 1960’s rank as classics; A Love Supreme (1964), a deeply personal album reflecting his religious commitment, is regarded as especially fine work.


John Coltrane was only 40 years old when he died. I wanted to celebrate his quest to `ind new musical frontiers, influences and horizons. “A Love Supreme” reflects his unending search for portals to elevate his music vision. This is what I captured...his spiritual journey ascending to higher plates within the universe seeking his musical passion and truth!”


Medium: Acrylics

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